Before we can review your order, please fill out the form below to help us verify your identity. Please attach a copy of your ID(s) and Credit Card.

By signing this, I acknowledge the charge described on this form, assume full responsibility for said charges, and agree to honor and abide by the terms of payment. I acknowledge and accept Mr. Alex Jewelry Time Inc’s Terms and Conditions.

This form will be sent to Mr. Alex Luxury Time in format PDF


A credit card authorization form is a document, signed by a cardholder, that grants a merchant permission to charge their credit card.

If you need to confirm your order on Mr. Alex Luxury Time Inc, you may be asked to send us a copy of ID with your name and that it matches the billing address information of the card with which the purchase was made.

Please only submit the required documents. Submitting more documents than necessary may delay the review process.

You can also learn more about what happens to your ID after you send it to Mr. Alex Luxury Time Inc.

Don’t digitally conceal ID information. To help us prevent fake IDs, we don’t accept photos that have been digitally modified to hide information.

You can send us one of the ID’s:

  • Driver’s license
  • Passport
  • Green card, residence permit.

After you send us a copy of your ID, it’ll be encrypted and stored securely. Your ID will not be visible to anyone on Mr. Alex Luxury Time Inc.

To help ensure IDs used for identity confirmation are real, we use both manual review and automated systems. This helps prevent abuse such as scams and impersonation, and helps ensure that orders are authentic.

To upload a copy of your ID:

  • Take a close-up photo of your ID in a well-lit room.
  • Save the photo to your mobile device or computer.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions for uploading your ID.
  • Complete the credit card authorization form and upload the id.

There are a few reasons you may be asked to send in a copy of your ID to Mr. Alex Luxury Time Inc:

  • To confirm that the order you’re trying to complete belongs to you: Your security is important to us. We ask for an ID so that we don’t let anyone use your information except for you.
  • Other reasons people may be required to confirm their identity include helping prevent abuse such as scams and helps ensure that orders are authentic.


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